Thomas Vogel, born in 1965,

Mechanical engineer with diploma and puppeteer with diploma, Freelance as puppetteer and author since 1999.

Participant in countless national and international festivals like Synergura, Erfurt 1997; Fidena, Bochum 1997; Thy, DK 1998;Vordingborg, DK 1998; UNIMA Stockholm/S 1998; Præstoe, DK 2000; Stamsund/N 2001

¬ Participating in the shooting of Heinrich Sabls animationsfilm »Pere Ubu«, 1998
¬ Participant of screenwriters workshop »Goldener Spatz« Gera 2001 with »Cyberpunch«
¬ several jobs in educating puppeteers in Danmark

Offers five solo performances for children, youngsters, adults or the whole family.