"Cyberpunch" was an experiment: For a long time I have had the desire to confront Puppetry with Hightech.

This project, which already in the preperatory stages combined theatre, film and gamedesign, was new for all participants. The last 12 months were full of work, artistic diversity, and above all, full of new experiences.

After lots of planning and countless tests the video techniques to be used were decided: Parallel to the work on the website, fundraising, etc., the puppets would be cretated based on original photos of famous actors.

Three blocks of video-shootings were prepared and filmed. The first block of video sequences "Puppets with a real background" was shot in the steam room of the city-pool Oderbergerstraße.

Two further blocks of video sequences "Puppets in digital background" were shot with greenscreen in the workspace of S.O. Winter.

In the postproduction the video was cut, synchronized and mixed.
Simultaneously the computer video sequences and special effects were created.

Likewise the work on the 3D-section of the project intensified. The figures were modeled, textured and animated.

At the same time the 3D-world was created. It was important above all to react aesthetically to the already created pictures in order to be able to later mesh the components together.

Michael Meding had the large responsibility of creating software which combined the individual elements into a stable system. The stability of the system was an unforseeable but deciding factor, on which the success of the entire project would rely.

In the last phase of the project all of the components were combined into a theatre piece: The final results of the gamedisign, video shoots and soundmaterials met the puppetry, acting and lights of the stage.